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Evanston Live TV is a series of vignettes created to give the people of Evanston a voice. Be heard! You might be the next person we stop on the street for your story.

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Meleika Gardner of Evanston Live TV is a Community Engagement Specialist who brings entities together to assure Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Evanston. Awarded Community Leadership Person of The Year by the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, Meleika Gardner co-authored an amendment to Bill HB4954 for Black History Expansion and helped to draft Bill HB5851 with State Representative La Shawn K. Ford to assure Native American, women, Latin X, and everyone who helped to build America will be included in the state of Illinois history curriculum. Both Bills were added to the Black Caucus Agenda HB2170 and passed by Governor J.B. Pritzker on March 8, 2021. Currently, Meleika has joined Representative Ford for a new radio show addressing violence and community mental health titled Chicago Heal on iHeart Radio WVON and WCPT Progressive Talk Radio. She provides a platform for the people to have a voice in their community. Stay tuned for more…

Awarded Community Leadership Person of the Year in 2021 by the Evanston Chamber of Commerce!

Meleika’s Evanston Live TV has led to hosting events for nonprofit organizations such as the Evanston Community Foundation, organizing press conferences for political figures, and moderating panel discussions for such organizations as the NAACP. Her latest ventures include her work as board member with the We Will Women organization that helps women and children get involved in drafting legislation.