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Evanston Reparations Committee Request $5M of ARPA Funds…

Evanston Reparations Committee Request $5M of ARPA Funds

Monday, November 14th the chair and members of the reparations committee requested $5M of ARPA funds for an “economic development initiative” for reparations. Members of the committee requested that the City of Evanston simply give them the $5M and just trust them to do as they please without providing a detailed plan of how the funds would be used. City Council is asking to see a plan. There are so many questions circulating throughout Evanston as to where the money went for the housing program portion of Evanston reparations and when will the remaining estimated 120 senior citizens finally receive their home improvements. City Council denied the $5M ARPA request for economic development because there are pending requests who did submit an actual plan. But City Council did, however, approve $1M of real estate transfer tax dollars to fund the next round of senior citizens to receive their home improvements because they have been waiting for some time now. Reportedly only 16 seniors have received their housing program to date from the housing program dressed as reparations. Residents attended the reparations town hall October 22nd to ask questions, but they were not allowed. The reparations committee ended the town hall early because they had to get to the movie screening and red carpet for the documentary The Big Payback about the super success of Evanston Reparations. The reparations committee is now scheduled to return to City Council December 12th with a detailed plan of how they intend to use the $5M, if granted. Evanston Live TV asked a member of the reparations committee if the $5M will be direct cash payments for recipients to do as they please with their reparations. Unfortunately, their answer is still no. While Alderperson Devon Reid has made past requests to the reparations committee for direct cash payments for the recipients, the committee is proud of simple social equity programs being reparations for Black Evanston. Stay engaged, Evanston…





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