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What the Media Won’t Tell You About HR40, Evanston Reparations, and Who’s Behind It?

Chuck Lewis Sponsor Behind FirstRepair

Do not blindly support HR40 and Evanston Reparations without hearing the other side that the media won’t cover. Setting the record straight as to why many around the country do NOT support neither HR40, as is, nor Evanston Reparations. And also why some support both with much allegiance. How is 16 people receiving home improvements considered a “successful” reparations program? Citing sources and using visuals and audio clips, I am breaking down the questions surrounding both HR40 and Evanston Reparations. From whether or not the first Evanston reparations 16 recipients were pre-selected prior to the official Bingo lottery drawing…to the recipients’ $25K cash being sent to a white led organization, but NEVER to the recipients…to trying to figure out where the money is…to how reparations turned into a housing program over direct cash payments…to how Evanston Reparations is watering down reparations across the country…to whether or not Black people born in America who are descendants of Slaves brought here against their will in shackles and chains will qualify for the federal reparations program based on the principles of FirstRepair, NAARC and N’COBRA multi tier qualification plan if they are appointed to the HR40 commission…and why they plan to send a percentage of the federal reparations funds to Africa. According to the Washington Post, Chuck Lewis (sponsor behind FirstRepair) reportedly stated, “We’re so interested in local reparations, not slavery reparations, because it’s proximate, it’s close by in terms of geography and time.” Dr. Martin Luther King said, “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

This video may never really reach the light of day to inform the masses, but I just wanted it documented somewhere that NOT ALL Black people in Evanston and around the country have the same mentality that strongly support Evanston Reparations and HR40 as is. While I strongly disagree with Robin Rue Simmons for watering down reparations across the country, I do believe that she is a phenomenal Black woman in that she has the world sitting down at the table to have real conversations about reparations and she made me believe that it could be possible one day. But, as of right now, the way Evanston Reparations rolled out and then listening to Kamm Howard discuss HR40 for the federal program…I believe reparations is just a unicorn in the sky that will only serve a selected few. I do not agree that a housing program should be Black people’s reparations. I stand strong and solid on this! Direct cash payments, wiping out debt so Black Americans have a clean slate, and/or free healthcare are just some ideas. Regardless…a social program should not be forced upon Black people to accept as their reparations the way Evanston dictated. Listen to this video to hear the truth of what actually happened in Evanston and the forces behind HR40.

To listen for yourself to Kamm Howard of FirstRepair and NAARC discuss HR40 and the qualifications for the federal program, please go to

Twitter Recording Credit: @Feardis11 and @BlaccseedAmericanFreedmen

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